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Bowling is a great activity for people of all ages. It’s a good way to get regular exercise, enjoy the thrill of competition and meet new friends. Quilles Nativité Bowl has a variety of weekday, daytime programs which are exclusive to seniors.

Developmentally Challenged

Bowling is for everyone whether mobile using your two legs or mobile using a wheelchair. Bowling is for everyone whether developmentally challenged or not. We are fully accessible and have a league for you either in the afternoon or evening


When it’s too cold to be outside, bowling is a great way to still get out and socialize. Bowling is fun and affordable and lets you sneak in some light exercise. Join an adult league to experience this fun, social sport for yourself!


Let us help teach the joys of socializing with peers in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Here, we have 2 amazing leagues under one roof to service all the up and coming bowlers of our community. 

Ages 4-18

JUNIOR LEAGUE (1)_edited.png


Monday: Senior Mixed League 1PM

KOC  Men's League 7PM

Tuesday: Pioneer League 1PM

Tuesday Night Elite League 7PM

Wednesday: Army Navy Men's 1PM

Wednesday Night Special 5:30PM

Wednesday Night Mixed League 8PM

Thursday: Senior Mixed League 1PM

Thursday Night Mixed League 7PM

Friday: Friday Night Fun League 8PM

Saturday: Nativity Juniors 9AM

Blue Chargers 12PM

Sunday: YBC 10AM

Call or e-mail us and we can direct you to the league that's just right for you.



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